Thanks to all our visitors

I wanna thank everybody who visited us this winter. All guides and dogs have had a blast, thanks to our great guests. Me, (Markus) and Laura have had a great season here, running Alaskan Husky Tours. We are now moving on, after being able to purchase a place of our own. If any of our former guests want to follow our adventures and racing, you can do so via our website - We wish all dogs and guides good luck in the future here at Røros and Alaskan Husky Tours. Its been a true pleassure working and running this lovely place. 

Winter is coming

This morning we woke up to the wonderful feeling of -6 degrees celcius towards our faces. The fresh feeling of winter. Water in the bowls, as well as the ground was frozen solid. The winter is slowly but surely getting close, and according to predictions its gonna be unusually cold! All the dogs are happy and healthy, and training is on schedule. We are very excited for winter season to start, and take you all on some amazing adventures by dog team.

Fall training

August is here, and we have started our fall training on ATV. After a cold July, we have now gotten some rather warm temperatures in August. This means we are getting up at 05-06 in the morning, to get out and train the dogs, before it warms up to much. We are hoping for cooler temperatures to come back soon! 

We are all very excited to be back out on the trail, and are looking forward to all the wonderful moments we will have together with the dogs, in the months to come. Several hundred hours on the ATV, and many a early morning laying by the camp fire boiling coffee, with the dogs laying next to us stretching our before another run. 

Royal Canin and

We are very proud, and excited to announce our two new partners and supporters for the upcoming season.

Royal Canin delivers some amazing dog and cat food, and our dogs is always eager to shovel down the food we have from Royal Canin. Together with the 4800 PRO Endurance kibble, Maraton and other supplementary products from Royal Canin, this makes for a top diet for all our athletes. Not only we, but all the dogs could not be more happy about this. Every day will be a feast for the dogs.

I´ve been using products for the last 3 years, so it is with a really good feeling I can announce that they have chosen to sponsor us for the upcoming season. makes handmade dogbooties, as well as dog coats, collars and more. Our dogs will run many many thousand kilometers during the winter, and then some good footwear is alfa omega. Just like if me and you were to go out for a day´s hike in the mountains, we would want some good hiking boots on. The same goes for good and packable dog cots, that help protect the dogs from the weather when it turns bad, as well as conserve energy while resting. 

Exciting changes ahead

As of July 1st, me, Markus Ingebretsen has officially taken over the management of Alaskan Husky Tours, and will run the kennel and business. Ketil Reitan is moving to Alaska, where he will run his Polar Bear guiding company, Kaktovik Tours . Ketil is also planing to return to the last great race, 1600 km long Iditarod this coming winter. Last time he raced that one was in 1994. You can read more about his plans at Kaktovik Tours, and on Facebook.

The beginning 

Looking back at some old emails, I see that it was July 30th 2011 I first arrived here to Narjordet and Alaskan Husky Tours. My knowledge and experience of and about sled dogs was about zero, I was completely blank on the subject. But recently home from a failed around the world sailing attempt, I was ready for some new challenges. Ketil Reitan, the owner of Alaskan Husky Tours, was kind enough to offer this rookie a job, and showed me the basics of mushing.

The next evening, at around 8pm, Ketil took me, together with adventurer Harald Kippenes out for a cart ride in the cool summer evening. I dont think I was able to stop smiling that whole evening. I instantly knew that this was something I wanted to be doing. 

Since then i´ve been mushing in Alaska, Canada, Greenland and Sweden, and taken part in some of the biggest and longest races in the world. Now, back to where I started I´m excited for the years to come, and the challenges that lays ahead. On top of managing the business, I will focus on breeding up a competitive racing kennel of my own, and hope to be able to participate, and compete well in the future in the Femund and Finnmark race. 

We have an exciting season ahead, and hope to see many of you visit us and join us for a adventure with dog team. For more updates on future races, you can also follow "Skomvær Kennel - Markus Ingebretsen" on Facebook.

This is a short video from my first winter running dogs, just here at Alaskan Husky Tours back in 2011.

Looking out on the snow

Well, even though it is today June 4th, it is still snow in the mountains. Granted its wet and rotten, and nothing to go sledding on. But, it´s still snow, and nice it is to rest your eyes on.

We´re keeping the dogs running with ATV on our fall training trails, and taking our guests out on carts, having fun splashing in the water puddles and overlooking the great lakes and rivers. We cant complain! Today we received this great shot from our last group of tourists this winter, before the snow got too wet and soft. A group of 20, that stayed with us for 3 days. A real pleassure to have you all here. We were so lucky with the weather, and had some breathtaking spring weather up in the mountains, blue skies and a bright sun. 


Cart season is here


The snow of the winter have melted, and the roads have had some time to dry up. So, that means cart season is here. We had the first tour today, and it was a blast. Lots of water in the creeks we pass, so the water splashed in all directions as we went through. Dogs, musher and tourists all had big wide smiles from ear to ear. It´s hard not to smile after a run with the cart and the dogs.

Contact us if you are interested in a cart ride, or book online on this website.


Puppy summer

In the world of dog sledding, summer usually means puppy time. 9th of April our first litter of the summer was born, and 4 adorable puppies joined our family here at Alaskan Husky Tours. All puppies are doing great, and have by this point opened there eyes, and starting to wander around on adventures in the puppy pen. Later this month we are expecting another batch of puppies to join us, we will share photos of the new borns as soon as they arrive.

Melis (3 and 1/2 week old) enjoying a morning adventure in the warm spring sun.

Melis (3 and 1/2 week old) enjoying a morning adventure in the warm spring sun.

Share your photos and win

We encourage all of our customers to share photos and their experiences from Alaskan Husky Tours online. If you are using instagram, please use hashtag #huskytourno to tag your photos. That makes sure we will see them, and can share them here on our website. The best photo we see, will be selected and awarded with a AHT sweater and cup. You can also participate using facebook, tag your photos as "At Alaskan Husky Tours" in the location option.

We are looking forward to see your shots!